About me

A little information about me as a specialist and personality

Web-designer & Developer

Maksym Kovalchuk

I am a hard-working person with a strong desire to learn and grow. I excel in communication and have the ability to connect with diverse persons. With a wide range of soft skills, I am adaptable and work effectively in teams. I place great importance on being responsible, disciplined, and committed to delivering high-quality results. I am motivated to contribute and continuously develop both personally and professionally.

My services

Web Development

Craft the foundation of interactive experiences. Skilled in building robust and scalable backends using various technologies (Python, Django, Bootstrap). Experience in handling data flow, API integrations, and server-side logic.

Python Programming

Code solutions with clarity and efficiency. Leverage Python's versatility for creating automation tools, data analysis scripts, or even small-scale applications. High experience with aiogram, selenium.

Database Management

Ensure data integrity and accessibility. Proficient in managing and manipulating data within relational databases (MySQL, SQLite). Experience in optimizing queries, designing schema structures, and ensuring data security

My skills

  • Python

  • Bootstrap

  • HTML5/CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • Django

  • MySQL

  • Linux

  • Git


I create beautiful and functional sites for you

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